About Prenatal & Postpartum Massage

Having attended over 20 births and specializing in pregnancy and postpartum massage since graduating from massage school in 2014, Abigail is an expert in the care of the childbearing body and mind. Abigail was trained as a postpartum doula by Doulas of North America (DONA) and as a birth doula by both DONA and ToLabor. She has attended specialized training in lactation support, rebozo use, acupressure for labor and birth, infant massage instruction, prenatal and postpartum mental health, spinning babies alignment techniques for pregnancy, and MyoFascial Release for pelvic imbalance and disorders. Studying with Woven Body Healing Arts, Abigail utilizes traditional Thai massage techniques that nurture and support a healthy, aligned pregnancy and a healing postpartum.

Prenatal massages with Abigail are available in 60 or 90 minute sessions and incorporate warm moist herbal bundles that soothe sore muscles and smell amazing. Sessions are tailored to your body’s particular needs and may include stretching, relaxation work, and targeted work for any specific issues you may be experiencing. Abigail is knowledgeable about local practitioners and is always eager to provide information and referrals when needed.

Postpartum massages are available in Abigail’s Monument Avenue studio, as well as in your home or hospital within a 15 mile radius of Richmond. All in-home sessions must be booked directly with Abigail to determine if you are within the radius and to allow for the scheduling of driving and set up time. Please text or call to set up an in-home postpartum session. Sessions include gentle abdominal work to encourage the healing of the body and spirit of the postpartum parent can be incorporated as well as targeted work to soothe new parent pains or aches from the work of labor. Infant massage instruction and a massage for your partner can be packaged in with postpartum massage, just ask!